EURADA. Partner search for third call Interreg Europe Proyect. Harnessing the power of AI in public administrations


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We would like to inform you that our esteemed member ART-ER, on behalf of the Directorate General (DG) Knowledge, Research, Labour, Enterprises of the Emilia-Romagna region, is searching for a partner to apply to the Third Call of Interreg Europe. Their project proposal is aimed at harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in public administration. Please note that the deadline for applying to this call is 7 June 2024.



Emilia-Romagna, located in northern Italy, is a region rich in history and culture, which is characterised by a dynamic, diversified, and robust economy. Moreover, the region's high employment rates, surpassing the national average, underscore its economic resilience and strategic importance within Italy and Europe. The Directorate General (DG) Knowledge, Research, Labour, Enterprises, as the Managing Authority (MA) of the 2021-2027 ERDF and ESF+ Regional Programmes, is seeking potential partner MAs to apply to the Interreg Europe Third Call for proposals and collaborate on a transformative project. Key topics for this project include:

• Big Data;

• Data Management and processing;

• Artificial intelligence (AI);

• IT;

• Cohesion Policy.

The proposed project aims to leverage the power of AI to revolutionise public administration, by providing valuable insights into policy outcomes through predictive data analysis, automation of processes, and informed decision-making. Thus, the project will address the need for improved data management and exchange among MAs and responsible authorities across various geographic areas. Through collaboration with technical experts and advisory partners in IT and data management, the project will facilitate the sharing of experiences regarding data usage in cohesion policy and other programmes.


MAs dealing with the project scope from Northern and Eastern Europe, Switzerland, and EU candidate countries are invited to join this partnership. Please keep in mind that the deadline for applying to the call is 7 June 2024.


If you are interested in partnering with the Emilia-Romagna region on this innovative project or should you have any further questions, kindly contact our colleague Giacomo Frisanco, who will facilitate further communication with our members from ART-ER.